Useful Links

Useful Links

Link to SEPA FEWS river level prediction pages. (Click on North East Region then Don).
Link to SEPA River monitoring Map (click on the red dots along the river don for current river levels)

The Milton Meadows WebCam – show the River  Don just above the Feternear bridge – Click to View

Kemnay Community Council Floodwatch

 The Kemnay Community Council collection of links to useful information about climate and flood risk  Flood Control International Link to some information about flood defence systems

SEPA page for Kemnay

 The SEPA page concerning the Kemnay Area.

Scottish Flood Forum

 A good source of information

Aberdeenshire Council Flood Information

 Aberdeenshire Council collection of information about flood protection and flood links.


 A brochure about the Watergate  system being used to protect the Kembhill Park Estate

Met Office Weather Information

 The official Met office pages

Local Information

 Photos and other information about the Flooding at Kembhill Park in January 2016

Kemnay River Don Monitoring

 Maintained by the Milton Meadows Flood Group – information which provide early warning about possible flood events.

View Live WebCam

 24/7 View of flood plain & Bennachie from Milton Meadows, Kemnay.

Met Office Weather Information


Carlow Tank at West Yorkshire Barrat Housing development

22 February 2017: A Barratt Homes development near Leeds has seen the installation of an underground carlow tank – thought to be the largest in Yorkshire – to assist with flood alleviation on the site.